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Armand Cabasson


Armand Cabasson is a psychiatrist and novelist working in the north of France. The Officer’s Prey is the first in the Quentin Margont series of thrillers set in the Napoleonic Wars. It was published in France in 2002 as Les proies de l’officier and received the 2003 Gendarmerie Nationale Thriller Prize. The second in the series, Chasse au loup (published in the UK in May 2008 as Wolf Hunt) was awarded the 2005 Fiction Prize by the Napoleonic Foundation. Memory of Flames, the third Margont title was published in October 2009.

Armand Cabasson is a member of the Souvenir Napoléonien and has used his extensive research to create a vivid portrait of the Napoleonic campaigns. Armand also wrote the introduction to Clisson and Eugénie, Napoleon’s novella.

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