Wild Dog: 10 Questions for Serge Joncour

Serge Joncour is the man behind one of Gallic’s most exciting titles for 2020, the dark, eerie and downright haunting Wild Dog. In this exclusive Q&A, he tells us a bit about his novel and writing process – and about a rather modest dream superpower!
Describe Wild Dog in one sentence
It’s a novel about switching off and going back to nature, set in a part of France that is relatively unknown. It’s about looking back at the past as well.
Why did you write Wild Dog?
To be transported by it and live within it for a few months. To look at the First World War in a new light, and to depict this savage part of the countryside from up close.
Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere, all the time. I’m always listening, looking out for ideas, settings, images and characters.
Have you always written?
Which writers do you admire?
Zola. Or Balzac. Or Coetzee.
What are you doing when you’re not writing?
I think about what I’m going to write in the next chapter, or in the next book.
What is the superpower you wish you had?
Word 2019 – the latest version.
Describe your writing routine
Finding things to do between two writing sessions. Writing in the morning, afternoon and evening – though not always efficiently. But above all, sitting comfortably. That’s essential.
What are you currently reading?
Lots of new stuff. Novels by authors I often read, and debut novels as well, because I’m on various judging panels that award debut novels.
Name the book you’ve re-read the most.
Honestly, the Larousse Gastronomique!


Wild Dog is published by Gallic Books on 7th April 2020. It is available to pre-order now (£10.99).

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