Roma Tearne on Dystopia and ‘The White City’

Describe your book in one sentence
A story about what happens when successive bad government policies & global warming collide.
Why did you write this book
Because it seemed to me the time was right given current world politics
Where do you find inspiration?
The story began at a point when I was interviewing Chilean relatives of the Disappeared.
Have you always written?
No. I was a painter for 35 years
Which writers do you admire?
Probably Orwell, Kafka and Camus
What are you doing when you’re not writing?
Currently? I’m painting.
The super power you wish you had
To multi-task effectively and to change the way corrupt governments operate
Describe your writing routine
I start early morning, after my run and work until I’ve written a 1000 words. Then I close the computer and do something else.
What are you currently reading
Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Strange Pilgrims
Name the book you’ve re-read the most
Camus’s The Plague. It’s deceptively simple but chilling and each reading reveals a new texture.
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