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12th June 2017


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Your Father’s Room

(La chambre de ton père)



A touching and true depiction of boyhood, how our early experiences affect us, and a vivid recreation of the interwar period.


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A vivid recreation of the interwar period, Michel Déon’s fictionalised memoir is a touching and very true depiction of boyhood and how our early experiences affect us.

‘You can’t possibly remember. You weren’t even a year old…’

Édouard (Michel Déon’s real name) looks back on his 1920s childhood spent in Paris and Monte Carlo. Within a bourgeois yet unconventional upbringing, ‘Teddy’, an observant and sensitive boy, must deal with not just the universal trials of growing up, but also the sudden tragedy that strikes at the heart of his family.

‘Artfully told… readers, propelled by Julian Evans’ silky-smooth translation, will find the ride in Déon’s balloon exhilarating’ TLS
‘Wonderful, immersive. He deserves to have a wider English audience.’ Historical Novel Society Magazine
‘Your Father’s Room is a bittersweet masterpiece of confusion and heartache, nuance and atmosphere (…) Nostalgic and disturbingly familiar, Michel Déon’s remembrance of things past is well worth reading.’ BookBlast
Praise for the Foundling novels:
‘I loved this book…It is not just a glimpse into the past, but the study of the heart of a man and his times’ Paul Theroux
‘Our lives would be all the richer if we read a Michel Déon novel’ William Boyd
‘Wryly funny prose … a delight’ Independent on Sunday
‘It is shamefully parochial of us that this eminent writer has been so ignored’ Sunday Times
‘A big-hearted coming-of-age shaggy-dog story …  leaves you feeling better about life’ The Spectator
‘Deserves a place alongside Flaubert’s Sentimental Education and Le Grand MeaulnesNew Statesman
‘Déon is an outrageous storyteller’ TLS
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