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2nd April 2020


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Jane Aitken & Polly Mackintosh



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7th April 2020



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Wild Dog

(Chien loup)

Author Serge Joncour


A Parisian couple decide to rent out a cottage in the calm, quiet hills of the French Lot. But nothing is quite what it seems.

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Franck and Lise, a French couple in the film industry, rent a cottage in the quiet hills of the French Lot to get away from the stresses of modern life.

In this remote corner of the world, there is no phone signal. A mysterious dog emerges, looking for a new master. Ghosts of a dark past run wild in these hills, where a German lion tamer took refuge in the First World War . . . Franck and Lise are confronted with nature at its most brutal. And they are about to discover that man and beast have more in common than they think.

A literary sensation in France, Wild Dog is a dark, menacing tale of isolation, human nature and the infinite savagery of the wild.

‘[A] deservedly award-studded delight’ Strong Words Magazine
A smart, scathing and bleakly funny cross of folk horror, satire and historical fiction’ Toronto Star
‘Reads like a modern fairy tale’ New York Journal of Books
‘So original, so beautifully done, and sinister and savage. I didn’t want it to end’ Chris Whitaker, author of Tall Oaks
‘Wild Dog details a disturbing continuum of savagery, both animal and human. At once eerie and sensual, it’s a timely reminder that, no matter how sophisticated we believe ourselves to be, we are no match for nature’ The Guardian
‘The suspense seeps from each exquisitely crafted sentence, taking the reader into a world replete with complex emotional and moral dilemmas . . . a raw, brutal and magnificent literary experience’ European Literature Network
‘Wild Dog is a magnificent philosophical thriller… a novel pregnant with suspense and unpredictability, wickedly tense and portentous, doom laden’ NB Magazine
‘Packed tightly with suspenseful moments and a consistently ominous atmosphere’ Crime Fiction Lover
‘Whether you are a regular reader or just looking for your 2020 holiday reading I urge you to take a look at Wild Dog. It is a true five star read’ Whispering Stories
‘A magnificent allegory for the ways in which the modern world wears us down . . . A unique voice’ Le Figaro
‘A hymn to space and calm’ Libération
‘Holds the reader in suspense until the very last page’ L’Express
‘Proof of Serge Joncour’s immense talent and understanding of human subtleties’ Marie Claire
‘An ode to nature’ Le Point
‘Joncour is a magician’ Le Temps
Serge Joncour

Meet the author

Serge Joncour is a French novelist and screenwriter. He was born in Paris in 1961 and studied philosophy at university before deciding to become a writer. His first novel, Vu, was published by Le Dilettante in 1998. He wrote the screenplay for Sarah’s Key starring Kristin Scott Thomas, released in 2…

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