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4th April 2011


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Anna Brown & Anna Aitken


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Where Would I Be Without You?

(Que serais-je sans toi?)


Sometimes, a second chance can come out of nowhere…


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Sometimes, a second chance can come out of nowhere…

Parisian cop Martin Beaumont has never really got over his first love, Gabrielle. Their brief, intense affair in San Francisco and the pain of her rejection still haunt him years later. Now, however, he’s a successful detective – and tonight he’s going to arrest the legendary art thief, Archibald Maclean, when he raids the Musée d’Orsay for a priceless Van Gogh.

But the enigmatic Archibald has other plans.

Martin’s pursuit of the master criminal across Paris is the first step in an adventure that will take him back to San Francisco, and to the edge of love and life itself.

‘Musso shows he is a master at creating mystery’ Paris Match
‘His stories blend emotion, suspense and the supernatural’ L’Express
‘The characters are in depth and the plot/sub-plots are brilliant. The story will hold your attention throughout.’Jera’s Jamboree
‘From the whirlwind love story to the twists and turns of the thriller I was caught up in the plot from the very first line, and really didn’t want to put this one down.’ Blue Archipelago
‘An easy read, with an interesting mix of romantic and crime genres. 4 stars’ The Bookbag
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Guillaume Musso

Meet the author

Guillaume Musso was the number one bestselling author in France in 2011 and 2012. Guillaume was born in Antibes, where he still lives. After finishing high school, he spent several months as an ice cream seller in New York. He still visits the States regularly and many of his novels are set there. A…

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