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16th October 2017


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Two Dark Tales: Jack Squat and The Niche


A pair of disturbing novellas from the master of ‘the literary uncanny’

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A pair of disturbing novellas from the master of ‘the literary uncanny’

There are four ways in but no way out …

In ‘Jack Squat’, unemployed Gordon and his partner Omar see a money-making opportunity helping expats buy homes in southern Italy. But their scheme catches up with them after the first home they sell, curiously built with four entrances but no connecting doors inside, is revealed to have a dark history.

 In ‘The Niche’, mercilessly bullied schoolboy Billy Lender finds a hiding place in a nook in the school corridor and begins to hear whispers: the voice of a mysterious friend who will help him to plot a devastating revenge.

‘In these expertly-crafted stories the consequences of moral corrosion are truly frightening. There are terrible things in the shadows – and we made them. Charles Lambert is a terrific, devious storyteller.” – Owen King, author of Double Feature and co-author of Sleeping Beauties
‘Gripping’ Attitude Magazine
Jack Squat  … A charming, elegantly written novella.  […] The Niche … Deeply poignant.’ TLS
‘Odd, disturbing and original… two elegant novellas.’ Sunday Express
 ‘Genuinely horrifying, but subtle and unique’ The Literary Sofa
Praise for Charles Lambert and The Children’s Home:
‘Charles Lambert could one day attain classic status.’ Maggie Gee
‘This disquieting novel is surely one of the year’s most bizarre stories… Mr. Lambert’s subtle prose enhances the novel’s creepiness, as does his refusal to fully resolve or explain its many mysteries.’ New York Times
‘Charles Lambert is a seriously good writer’ Dame Beryl Bainbridge
‘Compulsively readable, a one-of-a-kind literary horror story’ Kirkus Reviews
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Charles Lambert on his two dark tales
Charles Lambert at The Horror Lounge
Charles Lambert on entrapment and other fears
Charles Lambert

Meet the author

Charles Lambert is the author of several novels, short stories, and the memoir With a Zero at its Heart, which was voted one of The Guardian readers’ Ten Best Books of the Year in 2014. In 2007, he won an O. Henry Award for his short story The Scent of Cinnamon. His first novel, Little Monsters, was…

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