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22nd April 2021


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Trap for Cinderella

(Piège pour Cendrillon)

Author Sébastien Japrisot


An unsettling and atmospheric thriller.

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I breathe in blackness through my mouth, a blackness peopled with strange faces, with murmurs, and I die again, happy.

A young woman wakes up in a hospital room; what happened to her, and why, a mystery.

She remembers names: Michèle, Micky, or Mi, or perhaps Dominique or Do. Then the fire that destroyed her face, then the fall that punctured her head through which her memory leaks. And as she struggles to rebuild her identity, so too does she start to recall the crime that was committed.

But who has woken in that hospital room: the murderer or the victim?

Praise for Sébastien Japrisot
‘With an instantly recognisable style and great story-telling techniques, he might be called the Graham Greene of France’ The Independent
‘The most welcome talent since the early Simenons’ New York Times
‘Utterly captivating’ The Guardian
‘Combines huge intellectual grasp with fascinating narrative, strong grues, fine writing … and an unforgettable protagonist… A superb achievement’ Sunday Times

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