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24th November 2020


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Anna Aitken & Polly Mackintosh



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24th November 2020



Three Rival Sisters

(Trois soeurs rivales)


A duo of novellas critiquing late nineteenth-century society and marriage conventions, from pioneering French feminist Marie-Louise Gagneur.

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Much acclaimed amongst her contemporaries and yet all but forgotten today, Marie-Louise Gagneur was a defining voice in French feminism. These stories, translated into English for the first time, critique the restrictions of late nineteenth-century society and explore the ways in which both men and women are hurt by rigid attitudes towards marriage.

In ‘An Atonement’, the Count de Montbarrey awakes one morning to find his wife dead, leaving him free to marry the woman he really loves. Could the Count have accidentally killed his wife? And how can he atone for his crime?

‘Three Rival Sisters’ tells the story of the rivalry between Henriette, Renée and Gabrielle as they compete for the affections of one man. But marriage does not necessarily guarantee happiness, as the sisters are about to find out.

Steeped in wit, empathy and biting social criticism, and with echoes of Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Kate Chopin, these stories show Gagneur to be worthy of renewed attention.

‘Pride and Prejudice transported from Hertfordshire to a chateau in Domblans … Gagneur shares Austen’s arch tone and her ability to critique the social mores of her day’ The Big Issue
‘A lively voice … Gagneur presents a discourse that is decidedly feminist for its time … An extremely interesting discovery’ Ricochet
Marie-Louise Gagneur

Meet the author

Marie-Louise Gagneur was a French feminist, writer and activist, born in Domblans in 1832. She wrote essays, short stories and more than 20 novels, often focussing on anti-clericalism and issues surrounding the status of women in society. She later called for a reform on divorce laws and challenged…

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