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24th January 2019



Things We Nearly Knew

Author Jim Powell


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Staff Pick
This is some smart writing.  A deceptively simple tale told from the perspective of a barman caught between his curiosity and a reluctance to learn some hard truths.  You will be inevitably drawn in by these brilliantly enigmatic characters.

There’s a bar at the crossroads on the way out of town. Or the way in, depending on whether you’re coming or going. Marcie and her husband have run it for years. After thirty years of marriage, there aren’t many secrets left between them. Couples often say that, don’t they? But it’s not always true. Arlene appeared in the bar one day, hoping that she’d find a man called Jack. Franky came back to town soon after, hoping that people might have forgotten the mess he’d left behind him the first time around. Franky’s problem had always been women. Women and money. What Arlene’s problem is isn’t clear. It’s obvious she has a history, but who doesn’t? As Arlene gets closer to finding Jack – her father? her lover? – the bar becomes the scene of a great unravelling.

In Jim Powell’s ‘Things We Nearly Knew’, secrets buried a lifetime ago are dragged into the light.

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