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12th November 2020


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The Woman of the Wolf and Other Stories

(La Dame à la louve)



A radically feminist reworking of adventure stories, biblical tales, and Greek and Roman fables from the late sapphic poet.

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A woman rides crocodiles like horses. A queen gives up her throne for her dignity. And Prince Charming is not who you might think . . .

The Woman of the Wolf and Other Stories, written in 1904, is perhaps the finest work by sapphic poet Renée Vivien. Blending myth, fairy story and biblical tale, Vivien creates powerful portraits of strong women who stand up for what they believe in – and of the aggrieved men who trail behind them.

Bold, defiant and suffused with a unique poetic voice, this scintillating collection of short stories offers a radical alternative to traditional lore.

‘The unabashed irreality of these stories … are also their finest quality. They remind me of exotic tropical flowers that can only be cultivated in a hothouse—valued not for their longevity but for the spectacular effect of their short-lived blossoming’ Queer Modernisms

Karla Jay is an award-winning author, activist and academic. She is a distinguished professor emerita at Pace University, where she taught English Literature and directed the women’s and gender studies programme.
Yvonne M. Klein is a retired college teacher and an award-winning translator. She was professor of English at Dawson College in Montreal, where she taught courses in women’s literature and Modernism. Her translation of Jovette Marchessault’s Lesbian Triptych was awarded the Governor General’s Prize for best English translation.

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