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27th April 2023


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15th August 2023




The Rabbits


A literary fiction novel with a touch of magical realism, The Rabbits speaks to universally relatable themes of grief, loss, and thorny family dynamics through a cast of memorable characters.

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How do you make sense of the loss of those you love the most?

Delia Rabbit is already struggling to juggle three wayward children, a damaged relationship with her mother and an ill-advised affair with one of her students. Then her sixteen-year-old son Charlie vanishes in the middle of a blistering Brisbane heatwave. The family reels from the loss, as twenty-year-old Olive descends into hedonism and eleven-year-old Benjamin clings ever tighter to his superhero obsession.

However, Charlie’s disappearance is stranger than it seems. And while his family search desperately for him, he may be closer than they think . . .

A multigenerational tale of motherhood, grief and the tribulations of adolescence, The Rabbits weaves a thread of magic into a classic family drama novel.

Winner of the 2020 Penguin Australia Literary Prize

Praise for The Rabbits
‘I love an unsympathetic heroine and, here, two brilliant ones come along at once: art teacher Delia Rabbit and her surly daughter Olive . . . A poetically written domestic drama with a wonderful magical-realist twist’ Wendy Holden, Daily Mail
‘A unique and captivating tangle of magic and mystery… [a] deliciously unsettling debut’ The Guardian
‘Overett brings a fresh eye to the suburban novel’ Booksandpublishing.com.au
‘A beautifully lyrical and keenly observed novel’  Justin Ractliffe, Publishing Director of PRH Australia
‘A book that compels you to keep reading … deft and agile’ readings.com.au
Praise for the author
Winer of the 2018 AAWP Emerging Writer Prize
Shortlisted for the Text Prize and the Richell Prize
Sophie Overett

Meet the author

Sophie Overett is an award-winning writer, editor, podcaster and cultural producer. Her debut novel, The Rabbits, won the 2020 Penguin Australia Literary Prize and the 2018 AAWP Emerging Writer Prize, and was shortlisted for many others, including the Text Prize and the Richell Prize. Her short fict…

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