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1st October 2007


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The Pere-Lachaise Mystery

(La Disparue du Père-Lachaise)

Author Claude Izner


The second Victor Legris mystery


This title is not yet published, but can be pre-ordered


The second in the award-winning Parisian crime series featuring bookseller-sleuth Victor Legris follows the disappearance of a woman at the city’s most famous cemetery.

In Paris 1890, Lady’s maid Denise le Louarn fears the worst when her mistress, Odette de Valois, vanishes from the Père-Lachaise cemetery during a visit to her husband’s grave.

All alone in the great metropolis Denise knows just one person she can go to for help: Odette’s former lover, Victor Legris. When the frightened girl turns up at his bookshop and tells him her story, Victor feels there must be a simple explanation for her disappearance. But as he begins to look into the matter, it soon becomes clear that something sinister lies behind events at the Père-Lachaise.

‘Genuinely affecting … a tightly-controlled, well-paced and, at times, heart-wrenching read’ The Independent
‘Enchanting … ultimately uplifting … Gestern reassures us that the pain of one generation need not carry over to the next’ The Spectator
‘This first novel has won a slew of prizes in France, and it’s easy to see why – with its clever use of a letters format (updated to include emails and texts), the expertly developed search for hidden family truths, the interweaving of the past and present and the correspondents’ friendship … This is an admirably thoughtful and sensitive work.’ Daily Mail
‘This book hasn’t won almost 20 awards for nothing – it’s an addictive read’ The Sun
‘A beguiling and compelling love story’ Sunday Times
‘An intriguing page-turner ****’ France Magazine

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