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13th June 2011


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Michael Glencross


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22nd November 2013



The Officer’s Prey

(Les Proies de l'officier)


The second in the Napoleonic Murders trilogy

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June 1812. Napoleon begins his invasion of Russia. But among the troops of the Grande Armée is a savage murderer whose bloodlust is not satisfied in battle.

When an innocent Polish woman is brutally stabbed, Captain Quentin Margont of the 84th regiment is put in charge of a secret investigation to unmask the perpetrator. Armed with the sole fact that the killer is an officer, Margont knows that he faces a near-impossible task and the greatest challenge of his military career.

‘Combines the suspense of a thriller with the compelling narrative of a war epic’ Le Parisien
‘Cabasson skilfully weaves an intriguing mystery into a rich historical background’ Mail on Sunday
‘With vivid scenes of battle and military life … Cabasson’s atmospheric novel makes a splendid war epic’ Sunday Telegraph
‘The author ably combines the two elements of murder investigation and epic war novel, providing the reader with the historical background in a convincing but naturalistic way that does not interfere with the flow of the story.’ Eurocrime
‘[Cabasson] draws on his extensive knowledge of the era to create accurate portrayals of the time and people’ Napoleon Series
Armand Cabasson

Meet the author

Armand Cabasson is a psychiatrist and novelist working in the north of France. The Officer’s Prey is the first in the Quentin Margont series of thrillers set in the Napoleonic Wars. It was published in France in 2002 as Les proies de l’officier and received the 2003 Gendarmerie Nationale Thriller Pr…

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