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15th March 2022


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Julian Evans


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15th March 2022



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The Foundling’s War

(Les Vingt ans du jeune homme vert)

Author Michel Déon


The sequel to the The Foundling Boy finds Jean making his way in German-occupied France.

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The sequel to the acclaimed novel The Foundling Boy finds Jean making his way in German-occupied France.

In the aftermath of French defeat in July 1940, twenty-year-old Jean Arnaud and his ally, the charming conman Palfy, are hiding out at a brothel in Clermont-Ferrand, having narrowly escaped a firing squad. At a military parade, Jean falls for a beautiful stranger, Claude, who will help him forget his adolescent heartbreak but bring far more serious troubles of her own.

Having safely reached occupied Paris, the friends mingle with art smugglers and forgers, social climbers, showbiz starlets, bluffers, swindlers and profiteers, French and German, as Jean learns to make his way in a world of murky allegiances. But beyond the social whirl, the war cannot stay away forever… In this sequel to the acclaimed novel The Foundling Boy, Michel Déon’s hero comes to manhood not through combat but by discovering truths about desire and possession, sex and love, and the nuances that lie between crudely drawn battle lines.

‘Déon is an outrageous storyteller, a most engaging tease and the result is a splendid mixture of acerbic asides and bright invention which reads admirably in Julian Evans’s excellent translation.’ Times Literary Supplement
‘An underreported entrance into the forum of American letters’ Andrew Mitchell Davenport, Full Stop
Praise for The Foundling Boy:
‘Quiet, wryly funny prose … a delight’ Independent on Sunday
‘It is shamefully parochial of us that this eminent writer has been so ignored by the anglophone world’ Sunday Times
‘A big-hearted coming-of-age shaggy-dog story … [Déon’s] novel leaves you feeling better about life’ The Spectator
‘Remarkable … Rooted in 19th-century realism but profoundly subversive of its conventions … Deserves a place alongside Flaubert’s Sentimental Education and Le Grand Meaulnes.’ New Statesman
‘Michel Déon is a storyteller par excellence, and if The Foundling Boy is your first encounter with him, you couldn’t have a better introduction.’ Irish Times

Julian Evans is a writer and translator from French and German. He has also written and presented radio and television documentaries and writes for English and French newspapers and magazines including the Guardian, Prospect, Times Literary Supplement and L’Atelier du Roman. He is a recipient of the Prix du Rayonnement de la Langue Française from the Académie Française.

Michel Déon

Meet the author

Michel Déon, who was born in Paris and died in Galway in 2016 at the age of 97, was the author of more than 50 works of fiction and non-fiction, and a member of the Académie Française. His 1970 novel Les Poneys Sauvages was awarded the prestigious Prix Interallié and in 1973 Un Taxi Mauve (later mad…

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