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12th August 2013


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Catherine Evans


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Someone I Loved

(Je l'aimais)

Author Anna Gavalda


‘How long does it take to forget the smell of someone who loved you? And when do you stop loving them?’


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‘How long does it take to forget the smell of someone who loved you? And when do you stop loving them?’

When Chloé’s husband leaves her and their children for another woman, she is devastated. Unexpectedly, it’s her usually distant father-in-law who comes to Chloé’s aid, both with practical help and his personal wisdom on life and love.

In this beautifully crafted novella, Anna Gavalda poignantly explores the fragility of human relationships.

‘Gavalda’s talent for writing and her gift for dialogue make reading her work a delight’ World Literature Today
‘Gavalda sees through ordinary appearances to people’s hidden longings… A gifted literary stylist.’ Vogue
‘The emotional balance has been rendered perfectly … An author who deserves to be read by many outside her native France.’ Book Diva
‘Throughout this beautifully written book, conversations between Chloé and her father-in-law reveal a tale of betrayal, happiness and devotion to duty. This book above all shows that love in any time in our lives can conquer all.’ Julie Knowles, Waterstones Lancaster
Anna Gavalda

Meet the author

Anna Gavalda is a French teacher and award-winning novelist. Her first short story collection, Je voudrais que quelqu’un m’attende quelque part, was published in 1999. It has been published in English by Vintage as I Wish Someone Were Waiting for me Somewhere, alongside the novels Hunting and Gather…

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