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28th July 2016


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The Romans Who Shaped Britain

Author Sam Moorhead & David Stuttard


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Staff Pick
A clear narrative that is never less than engaging, that will dispel any notion that Roman Britain was a backward outpost good only for a wall (or two) and a few public baths.

Roman Britain was created not by impersonal historical forces, but by men and women, each driven by ambition, aspiration and passion. ‘The Romans Who Shaped Britain’ explores the narrative of Britannia through the lives of its emperors, commanders, governors, officials and rebels.

This rich cast of characters includes some, such as Caesar, Agricola and Boudica, who may be familiar; and others, such as Carausius, Magnentius or Valentinus, who deserve to be more so. Their lives and actions are set against the backdrop of an evolving landscape, in which Iron Age shrines were being replaced by marble temples, industrial-scale factories and granaries were springing up across the countryside and a triumphal arch towered into the Kent sky to mark Rome’s domination.

Fast-moving, vivid and compelling, ‘The Romans Who Shaped Britain’, by setting out the story as a single narrative, above all reminds us of the truly epic nature of the history of Britannia.

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