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Gallic Noir: Volume 3

(Pascal Garnier 3: La Solution Esquimau, Les Hauts du bas, Trop près du bord)



Pascal Garnier’s ‘deliciously dark and painfully funny’ noirs, now collected in three volumes.

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Enter the world of Pascal Garnier, where life’s misfits take centre stage, there is drama in the everyday and the unexpected is always just around the corner.

Dark, funny and shot through with menace, these perfectly crafted novellas are also affecting studies in human alienation.

Massively acclaimed by both reviewers and fellow authors, Garnier has been compared to many other writers, yet he remains the master of his own unique brand of Gallic noir.

Volume 3 includes:

The Eskimo Solution, which combines the story of a struggling writer with excerpts of the crime novel he’s writing, which will spill over into his own life

Low Heights, in which a cantankerous retiree falls for his nurse and finds himself confronted with a man claiming to be his long-lost son … but the family reunion is threatened by the vultures circling above

Too Close to the Edge, the tale of a quiet retirement in the foothills of the Alps turned upside down.

Reviews for The Eskimo Solution
‘Garnier’s prose is brisk and occasionally dazzling, whipping by so fast you barely have time to register its warped, unholy mindset sucking you in. Ten years after its French publication, The Eskimo Solution’s chilling treatise of the economics of slaughter is more timely than ever.’ Crime Scene
‘This elegant little novel is a gem (…) It’s short, sleek, beautifully written and well translated. I’m hunting for more Garnier books. You will, too.’  The Globe and Mail
The Eskimo Solution is a good, enjoyable read — and probably a good introduction to Garier’s work.’ The Complete Review
‘Black humour with Hitchcockian suspense.’ Crime Fiction Lover
‘Bleak, funny, unpredictable, The Eskimo Solution is tremendously enjoyable.’ Book Glutton
At times I was reminded of the existentialism of Albert Camus that is combined with something of a detective story by Garnier and I must admit that I have never read anything like this before. Because I felt provoked as I read, I feel that the novel has a great deal to say and I am still thinking about it.’ Amos Lassen Reviews
‘A bizarrely addictive and screwball read.’ Little Bookness Lane
‘At the edge between fiction and reality, Garnier’s novel within a novel invites his readers to rethink morality. Where provocative and noir meet.’ Words and Peace
‘An atmospheric piece of noir storytelling.’ Literary Flits
‘It’s both welcoming and disturbing—a story that is easy to get into and stay with, yet one that also messes with your head. It’s bleak in a knowing and darkly humorous way.’ Criminal Element
‘Funny and dark at the same time’ Winstonsdad’s Blog
‘It is dark, very very dark, and it is bleak. But it is also amusing, in a way that almost leaves you feeling guilty for being amused, I mean the man is a serial killer – what can possibly be amusing about that?’ Hungry for Thillers to Read
‘If you’re a Garnier fan as I am (and this is novel number 9) you won’t be able to resist The Eskimo Solution.’ His Futile Preoccupations
Reviews for Low Heights
‘Low Heights has as much to say about ageing and emotional intelligence as many more overtly literary novels.’ Financial Times
‘Pascal Garnier’s Low Heights continues his run of mordant, black-humoured, murderous farces to superb effect.’ The Spectator
‘Deliciously sly and nuanced, Low Heights is as much an acerbic commentary on the crime novel’s conventions as it is a slow-burning psychological thriller.’ The Irish Times 
‘Delightful … in a really, really dark and disturbing way.’ Complete Review
‘Another classy and clever little drama from one of the most likeably dark storytellers out there.’ The Bookbag
‘This is not just about death, violence and crime, but a potent meditation on ageing and loneliness. … Subtly subversive, always unsettling, this is another excellent addition to the Garnier series.’ Crime Fiction Lover
Reviews for Too Close to the Edge
‘Classic Pascal Garnier; it’s dark, it’s nasty, full of bitter ironies.’ His Futile Preoccupations
‘The translation is excellent: the book reads easily, while the sense of France remains strong. This latter flavour, plus the observation of human behaviour at the margins of deviancy, is reminiscent of Simenon at times. Rarely has noir been so much fun.’ Crime Review
‘Here you will not finish this without having met with at least one or two surprises, and the strongest, most pleasurable flavour in your mouth provided by the author’s usual ‘je ne sais quoi’.’ The Bookbag
Too Close to the Edge by Pascal Garnier is a tale of retirement and calm domesticity, with a hint of menace about to explode.’ Criminal Element
‘Like George Simenon’s books, Pascal Garnier’s subversive, almost surreal tales come in slim little volumes, seldom more than 150 pages or so. But in that space he manages to say as muchm and more memorably too, than many authors of books that are too heavy to hold.’ Literary Review
‘Garnier manages to lead you little by little to dark and hopeless situations, all the more so that he deftly juxtaposes poetry with violence.’ Words and Peace
‘If you’re interested in the study of people and their unpredictable reactions to monumental upheavals in their lives, then this is an especially fine example.’ Little Bookness Lane
Praise for Pascal Garnier
‘Wonderful… Properly noir’ Ian Rankin
‘Garnier plunges you into a bizarre, overheated world, seething death, writing, fictions and philosophy. He’s a trippy, sleazy, sly and classy read’ A. L. Kennedy
‘Horribly funny … appalling and bracing in equal measure. Masterful’ John Banville
‘Ennui, dislocation, alienation, estrangement – these are the colours on Garnier’s palette. His books are out there on their own, short, jagged and exhilarating’ Stanley Donwood
‘The combination of sudden violence, surreal touches and bone-dry humour have led to Garnier’s work being compared with the films of Tarantino and the Coen brothers’ Sunday Times
‘Deliciously dark … painfully funny’ New York Times
‘A mixture of Albert Camus and JG Ballard’ Financial Times
‘A brilliant exercise in grim and gripping irony; makes you grin as well as wince’ Sunday Telegraph
‘A master of the surreal noir thriller – Luis Buñuel meets Georges Simenon’ Times Literary Supplement
‘Devastating and brilliant’ Sunday Times
‘Bleak, often funny and never predictable’ The Observer

Jane Aitken studied history at St Anne’s College, Oxford. She is a publisher and translator from the French.

Emily Boyce is a translator and editor. Her translation of A Long Way Off by Pascal Garnier was runner up for the 2021 Scott Moncrieff Prize.

Melanie Florence teaches at The University of Oxford and translates from the French.


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