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6th October 2022


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Orpheus Builds A Girl

Author Heather Parry

A truly chilling modern Gothic, based on a true story of sexual obsession and evil masquerading as love.

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‘I rest easy; I could not have done a thing more for my beloved, nor could I have shown my love in any greater way’

Wilhelm von Tore is dying. As he looks back on his life he reflects on his upbringing in Dresden, his beloved Grandmother and his medical career during the second world war. But mostly he remembers his darling Luci, the great love of his life, his dark-haired beauty promised to him in a dream years before they met.

Though only together for a few months in her first life, their love is written in the stars. Using scientific research compiled over decades, Wilhelm ensures that, for him and his beloved, death is only the beginning.

But through the cracks in Wilhem’s story there is another voice, that of Gabriela, and she will not let this version of events go unchallenged. She tells the story of her sister Luciana, fearless and full of life, and the madman who robbed her from her grave.

Based on a chilling true story, Orpheus Builds a Girl is the debut novel from award-winning author Heather Parry.

Praise for Orpheus Builds a Girl

‘Heather Parry is a literary star of the future. I’ve been a fan of her writing for years, and this novel is all I hoped for and more. Bold, sinister and debate-provoking’ Kirsty Logan

‘Heather Parry is terrifyingly brilliant, one of the most interesting and talented British writers to emerge in recent memory. Orpheus Builds a Girl is a sinister dark flower of a book, both intoxicating and beautiful’ Camilla Grudova

Heather Parry

Meet the author

Heather Parry is an established writer whose credits include The Stinging Fly, Gutter, Mslexia and The Ogilivie. She won the 2016 Bridge Award for an Emerging Writer, and Cove Park’s 2017 Emerging Writer residency. In 2021 she was a Hawthornden Fellow. Her work has also been performed at The Edinbur…

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