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19th April 2007


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Jane Aitken & Pilar Webb


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Murder on the Eiffel Tower

(Mystère rue des Saints-Pères)

Author Claude Izner


The first Victor Legris mystery

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In the first of the series of murder mysteries set in fin-de-siècle Paris, bookseller-sleuth Victor Legris investigates a mysterious death on the capital’s newest landmark.

The brand-new Eiffel Tower is the glory of the 1889 Universal Exposition. But one sunny afternoon a woman collapses and dies on this great Paris landmark. Can a bee-sting really be the cause of death? Or is there a more sinister explanation?

Enter young bookseller Victor Legris. Present on the Tower at the time of the incident, he is determined to find out what actually happened.

In this dazzling evocation of late-nineteenth century Paris, we follow Victor as his investigation takes him all over the city. But what will he do when the deaths begin to multiply and he is caught in a race against time?


‘A charming journey through the life and intellectual times of an era’ Le Monde
‘Witty and creepy’ Independent on Sunday
‘Cracking’ The Guardian
‘Full of pungent period detail’ The Observer
Claude Izner

Meet the author

Claude Izner is the pen-name of two sisters, Liliane Korb and Laurence Lefèvre. Both booksellers on the banks of the Seine, they are experts on nineteenth-century Paris. They are prolific writers of detective stories starring bookseller and amateur sleuth, Victor Legris, the first of which is Murder…

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