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12th August 2013


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Emily Boyce


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12th August 2014




Moon in a Dead Eye

(Lune captive dans un oeil mort)


Pascal Garnier turns his dark vision and ruthless wit to the inhabits of a retirement village in the south of France.

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Pascal Garnier turns his dark vision and ruthless wit to the inhabits of a retirement village in the south of France.

Given the choice, Martial would not have moved to Les Conviviales. But Odette loved the idea of a brand-new retirement village in the south of France. So that was that.

At first it feels like a terrible mistake: they’re the only residents and it’s raining non-stop. Then three neighbours arrive, the sun comes out, and life becomes far more interesting and agreeable.

Until, that is, some gypsies set up camp just outside their gated community…

‘Blood-boltered and agonizingly hilarious’ John Banville, New York Review of Books
‘Garnier plunges you into a bizarre, overheated world, seething death, writing, fictions and philosophy. He’s a trippy, sleazy, sly and classy read.’ A. L. Kennedy
‘Tense, strange, disconcerting and slyly funny, this is – for such a short book – richly satisfying. The characters, all original and convincing, are deftly ­realised, and the story exerts a compelling grip… His mordant literary edge makes these succinct novels stimulating and rewarding. We can only hope that more appear soon.’ Sunday Times
‘The final descent into violence is worthy of J G Ballard’ (4 stars) The Independent
‘A master of the surreal noir thriller – Luis Buñuel meets Georges Simenon.’ TLS
‘A mixture of Albert Camus and JG Ballard’ Financial Times
‘Fuses dark comedy and existential despair … a takedown of the haughty residents of an exclusive retirement community. All that’s needed is a caravan of Gypsies to turn these smug provincials into savage beasts.’ Marilyn Stasio, New York Times
‘Garnier (1949–2010) packs humor, insights into aging, and a darkly pessimistic assessment of mankind into this slender crime novel’ Publishers Weekly
‘A short but beautiful and quirky read’ Liz Loves Books
‘Arch and lyrical …  a funny and outlandish story’ Crime Thriller Fella
‘Garnier’s main theme – the banality of a bourgeois existence – is a common one, although never, in my experience, has it been dealt with so succinctly … a clever piece of literary noir’ Killing Time Crime
‘Digs beneath the apparent respectability of provincial life to reveal the violence lurking beneath … leavened with a biting satirical humour (reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith or the German author Ingrid Noll) … beautifully and precisely written. 4 stars.’ Mrs Peabody Investigates
‘There is a dry humour in the story … and although a slim read, the characters are well written and rounded. It reminds me in some ways of P G Wodehouse although the characters are not caricatures, they are believable – I am sure we have all met Martial, Odette and Co sometimes in our life. Recommended as a good entertaining read.’ Eurocrime
‘Wonderfully eerie and darkly humorous’ Durango Herald
‘Fans of Georges Simenon and the films of Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers will enjoy this dark look at what happens when dreams and reality collide in the sunset years of life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.’ I Love a Mystery Newsletter’

Emily Boyce is a translator and editor. Her translation of A Long Way Off by Pascal Garnier was runner up for the 2021 Scott Moncrieff Prize.

Pascal Garnier

Meet the author

Pascal Garnier, who died in March 2010, was a talented novelist, short story writer, children’s author and painter. From his home in the mountains of the Ardèche, he wrote fiction in a noir palette with a cast of characters drawn from ordinary provincial life. Though his writing is often very dark i…

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