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Low Heights

(Les Hauts du bas)



At least vultures have the decency to wait until their prey’s dead before picking it apart …


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Vultures, clifftops, restless retirees, bizarre murder weapons and uncanny resemblances make for the ingredients of a classic Pascal Garnier noir.

At least vultures have the decency to wait until their prey’s dead before picking it apart …

After losing his wife and suffering a stroke, cantankerous retiree Édouard Lavenant has moved from Lyon to a village in the mountains with his put-upon nurse, Thérèse. One day, a man comes to the door claiming to be Édouard’s long-lost son. Édouard’s temper seems to be softening, but it isn’t long before the local vultures are circling overhead …

‘Low Heights has as much to say about ageing and emotional intelligence as many more overtly literary novels.’ Financial Times
‘Pascal Garnier’s Low Heights continues his run of mordant, black-humoured, murderous farces to superb effect.’ The Spectator
‘Deliciously sly and nuanced, Low Heights is as much an acerbic commentary on the crime novel’s conventions as it is a slow-burning psychological thriller.’ The Irish Times 
‘Delightful … in a really, really dark and disturbing way.’ Complete Review
‘Another classy and clever little drama from one of the most likeably dark storytellers out there.’ The Bookbag
‘This is not just about death, violence and crime, but a potent meditation on ageing and loneliness. … Subtly subversive, always unsettling, this is another excellent addition to the Garnier series.’ Crime Fiction Lover
Praise for Pascal Garnier
‘Garnier plunges you into a bizarre, overheated world, seething death, writing, fictions and philosophy. He’s a trippy, sleazy, sly and classy read’ A. L. Kennedy
‘Horribly funny … appalling and bracing in equal measure’ John Banville
‘Pascal Garnier is my favourite French crime writer by a country mile…’ Laura Wilson, The Guardian
‘A mixture of Albert Camus and JG Ballard’ FT
‘Bleak, often funny and never predictable’ The Observer
‘A brilliant exercise in grim and gripping irony, it makes you grin as well as wince.’ Sunday Telegraph
‘Deliciously dark … painfully funny’ New York Times
‘Guaranteed grisly’ ShortList
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