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6th September 2018




In My Blood

Author Bo Bech


This title is not yet published, but can be pre-ordered


The ultimate gift for any food lover.

Bo Bech – Chef and Michelin star restauranteur – introduces fine dining straight from your own kitchen.

100 of the best recipes from Bo Bech’s restaurant, Geist with easy to read step-by-step instructions.

“At Geist, people arrive excited. They reset themselves when they walk through the door. They leave the day’s baggage behind and trust their intuitions. Here, there is room for the professional diner who cares about food hierarchies and gastronomic bucket lists. And there is room for those who come to laugh, relax, and just eat a delicate meal.” Bo Bech, Giest

Chef Bo Bech’s latest offering, ‘In My Blood’, is set to surprise, excite and entice, as both text and illustrations bring you into the beating heart of a busy restaurant and inside the mind of a passionate chef. ‘In My Blood’ presents delicate and fine-tuned dishes with a twist – highlighting why this brand of culinary innovation that has made Geist a destination spot for visitors from around the world.

“Bech’s all-out control has created a guide to GEIST that serves as a crash course in Scandi- chaos – a pure expression of the journey on which he has taken the restaurant and, in turn, it’s patrons” – thecaterer.com


About Bo Bech
In 2011, Danish chef Bo Bech broke away from the world of fine-dining and stopped chasing Michelin stars in order to open his own unique, personal restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen. Geist, the buzzy 100 seat eatery, is now considered one of the city’s culinary treasures. Despite its size, Geist has provided a haven for Bech to perfect his culinary craft and allowed him the freedom to develop a number of new talents beyond the confines of the kitchen.
Seven years in the making, his new book ‘In My Blood’ is a reaction to his time as executive chef at Geist – and it provides an outlet for Bech to document, chronicle and reflect on what they have created at the restaurant. In the same way he turned his back on fine dining, Bech has turned his back on traditional publishing routes and decided to self-publish and curate his own visionary works via the unique masterpiece that is ‘In My Blood’.


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