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21st May 2020


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Philip Terry & David Bellos


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I Remember

(Je me souviens)

Author Georges Perec


Georges Perec’s I Remember is both an affectionate portrait of mid-century Paris and a daring memoir.

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Both an affectionate portrait of mid-century Paris and a daring memoir, Georges Perec’s I Remember is now available in English to UK readers for the first time, with an introduction by David Bellos.

In 480 numbered statements, all beginning identically with ‘I remember’, Perec records a stream of individual memories of a childhood in post-war France, while posing wider questions about memory and nostalgia.

As playful and puzzling as the best of his novels, I Remember is an ode to life: the ordinary, the extraordinary, and the sometimes trivial, as seen through the eyes of the irreplaceable Georges Perec.

‘A marvellously readable and entertaining book’  Shiny New Books
‘A joyous, if fragmented, summoning up of an already faded world’ The Spectator
‘The effect of cascading “I remember”s is unavoidably mesmerizing’ Paris Review
‘So full of interest and memory . . . I have enjoyed it so much’ Dame Margaret Drabble
‘On first impressions, Perec writes as if skimming playful stones across the surface of a lake. You realise later that he is also sending little pulses down into the depths. In his inventive puckish ways, he encourages us to look at what lies behind and within the familiar. In this sense, he is not just a brilliant writer but a kind and continually prescient one’ Darran Anderson, author of Imaginary Cities
‘One of the oddest works of literature ever written’ David Bellos, from the Introduction
Je me souviens is only a small piece of Perec-autobiography, but it is an appealing one, suggestive and whimsical’ Complete Review
Praise for Georges Perec
‘Perec is a great storyteller and a wry humorist’ The Telegraph
‘One of the most singular literary personalities in the world, a writer who resembled absolutely no one else’ Italo Calvino
‘To read Georges Perec one must be ready to abandon oneself to a spirit of play. His books are studded with intellectual traps, allusions and secret systems, and … they are prodigiously entertaining’ Paul Auster
‘Perec’s passion for classification, for enumeration, for lists, for patterns, for the thinginess of things, is strangely captivating and, despite an underlying melancholy, exhilarating’ Dame Margaret Drabble, New Statesman
‘Each of his books is a jarring surprise, irreducibly idiosyncratic and autonomous, and whoever decides to read him will come away not only with a new sense of what is possible in literature, but of how strange and exciting, and how fun, real originality can be’ New Yorker

Philip Terry has taught at the universities of Caen, Plymouth and Essex. He translated Raymond Queneau’s Elementary Morality. His first novel, Tapestry, was shortlisted for the 2013 Goldsmith’s Prize.

Georges Perec

Meet the author

Georges Perec, born in Paris in 1936, was a pioneering French novelist, filmmaker, documentalist and essayist. Orphaned from an early age, many of his works deal with absence, loss and identity, often through word play. He later became an eminent member of the experimental Oulipo group. He died in 1…

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