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14th March 2023


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PB Demy

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8th July 2023



I Laugh Me Broken


On the pretence of researching her latest project, a New Zealand writer leaves her life and bolts to Berlin when she discovers her late mother may have passed on the gene for Huntington’s disease.

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Ginny has always had questions about her mother, who took her own life with no explanation when Ginny was young. Now, in her thirties, she learns the devastating truth: her mother may have been developing Huntington’s disease, and chose to end her life rather than wait to find out.

Ginny could take the test that will reveal if she shares her mother’s fate. Instead she drops everything and bolts to Berlin, leaving her loving fiancé in the dark. Navigating the transient, hedonistic German city, she meets its inhabitants and absorbs their tangle of stories as she tries to gather the strength to face her future.

Asking what we owe to the people we love, and what it means to live a truly free life, I Laugh Me Broken is a sharp, beautifully drawn novel about self-discovery and self-determination.

Praise for Bridget van der Zijpp
‘Packed full of astute observation, spinning towards a crisis which doesn’t have a predictable outcome’ Linda Herrick, NZ Herald 
‘Finely tuned observations of relationships and identity, and how easily they can be the making or undoing of each other’ Sam Finnemore, NZ Listener
‘An adult, thought-provoking and gripping story on a real social issue’ Steve Walker, Sunday Star-Times
Bridget van der Zijpp

Meet the author

Bridget van der Zijpp is the author of three novels: Misconduct, In the Neighbourhood of Fame and I Laugh Me Broken. Misconduct was shortlisted for the 2009 Commonwealth Writers’ Best First Book Prize, South East Asia and the Pacific Region. It was also shortlisted for the 2009 Montana New Zealand B…

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