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5th March 2012


Gallic Books

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Carol Gilogley


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Hector Finds Time

(Hector et le temps)


The third of Hector’s Journeys

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Follow Hector as he sets off to uncover nuggets of universal wisdom on time.

Poor Hector. Tempus fugit, and our intrepid psychiatrist is not feeling quite as young as he used to.

His patients are concerned with time too. One feels she’s always in a hurry, as if there’s a clock ticking in her tummy – she would like time to slow down. But there’s also a boy who wishes time would hurry along and turn him into an adult. And a third patient measures his remaining years in the number of dogs he’ll have time to own.

Hector feels he must find a solution to the problem of time and so, of course, another journey is required.

‘A series of philosophical bonnes bouches … their effect is unexpectedly cheering’ The Independent
‘Even the most aloof, the most detached reader will be won over by this book’ Cosmopolitan
‘Provides a dollop of warm, fuzzy, feel-good escapism’ Woman
‘Intelligently naïve’ Marie Claire
François Lelord

Meet the author

François Lelord studied and practiced psychiatry in Paris, and was a consultant for companies interested in reducing stress for their employees. On a trip to Hong Kong, the Hector character popped into his mind. The huge success of Hector and the Search for Happiness led him to spend more time writi…

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