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17th January 2011




Hector and the Secrets of Love

(Hector et les secrets de l'amour)

Author Francois Lelord


The second of Hector’s Journeys


This title is not yet published, but can be pre-ordered


What is the secret formula for love?

Hector, our intrepid psychiatrist, sets off on a new globe-trotting mission – and this time he’s looking for LOVE.

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies has employed him to track down their brilliant scientist, Professor Cormorant, who has disappeared abroad with the secret of a modern-day love potion.

Leaving behind his troubled relationship with girlfriend Clara, Hector’s adventure takes him to the Far East and into the arms of beautiful Vayla, forcing our hero to think deeply about what love really is/means.

In his follow-up to the multi-million-selling Hector and the Search for Happiness, acclaimed writer and psychiatrist, François Lelord, offers us a new fable filled with thoughtful insights into the very human desire to find and keep love.

‘A series of philosophical bonnes bouches … their effect is unexpectedly cheering’ The Independent
‘Even the most aloof, the most detached reader will be won over by this book’ Cosmopolitan
‘Provides a dollop of warm, fuzzy, feel-good escapism’ Woman
‘Intelligently naïve’ Marie Claire
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