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16th March 2015


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Anna Aitken


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11th April 2015




George’s Grand Tour

(L'avant-dernière chance)


A poignant yet joyful tale of how life can surprise us, at any age.

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A poignant yet joyful tale of how life can surprise us, at any age.

At the age of 83, retired butcher George Nicoleau is about to set off on the greatest adventure of his life. George and his neighbour Charles have long dreamt of a road trip, driving the 3500 kilometres that make up the stages of the Tour de France. And now that George’s over‐protective daughter has gone to South America, it’s time to seize the moment.

But just when he feels free of family ties, George’s granddaughter Adèle starts calling him from London, and he finds himself promising to text her as he travels around France, although he doesn’t even know how to use a mobile.

George is plagued by doubts, health worries and an indifference to modern technology. And yet – might the journey still prove to be everything he had hoped for?

— Winner of the Prix Chronos and Prix Nouveau Talent –
‘A life-affirming tale about a man who refuses to grow old gracefully.’ Bella Magazine
‘This is a compassionate and at times amusing (especially George’s technology efforts) tale. (…) The quirky storyline reminds readers loved ones matter (…) Readers will want to join George and Charles on their merveilleux pilgrimage.’ Midwest Book Review
‘A tender, heart-warming yet entertaining story.’ We Love This Book
‘A charming tale.’ Woman’s Own
‘This story shows that life can ‘begin’ at any age. It is never too late to go on an adventure, make new friends, find romance or rekindle family relations.’FromFirstPageToLast Blog
‘I highly recommend giving George’s Grand Tour a try while you are sitting on the beach or anywhere else on vacation this summer.’The Book Binder’s Daughter
‘Perfect for fans of The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared‘ Wimbledon Books
Bonus Material
A word of introduction to ‘George’s Grand Tour’
Caroline Vermalle

Meet the author

Caroline Vermalle was born in France in 1973 to a family whose French roots go back at least as far as the 16th century. Yet, she is a vegetarian who can’t cook, doesn’t drink, finds berets itchy and unpractical and would rather eat yesterday’s snails than jump a queue. After graduating from film sc…

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