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17th October 2018


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Gallic London

Author Rowena Macdonald, Gilles Pétel & Roma Tearne

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Three Gallic Books takes on London

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Three Gallic Book takes on London


The White City by Roma Tearne

A permanently frozen London is the setting for a harrowing yet lyrical tale of survival by Costa-shortlisted author Roma Tearne.

‘Every day when I stand on high ground and look towards the Tower, to where the river used to be, I see it melt a little more.’

Hera has known great loss over decades of endless winter. The first snows coincided with the arrest of her brother on terrorism charges, and since then she has witnessed the total collapse of normal life in a devastated London. Her only source of comfort through it all has been her relationship with Raphael. Now, as the thaw begins, can she at last track down her elusive lover?

Within this compelling vision of a dystopian near-future, Roma Tearne offers us a moving study of human endurance.

‘Her prose reflects the icy beauty of the snow… a thoughtful exploration of what it is to be a migrant.’ The Guardian

The Threat Level Remains Severe by Rowena Macdonald

A new colleague and a mysterious admirer make life infinitely more interesting for House of Commons secretary Grace, but is everything really as it seems?

Grace Ambrose, Brett Beamish and Reuben Swift appear to have little in common, but as each of them negotiates metropolitan life, they find their fates entwined.

Arty, liberal-minded House of Commons secretary Grace has been counting the tea breaks in the same dull job for approaching a decade and feels she could do something better … if only she knew what.

New recruit Brett, a smooth, high-flying Australian, is on a mission to shake up the dusty backrooms of power – and on a collision path with Grace. Office life begins to look up when Grace receives an email from an admirer with musical and poetic talents … but is soulful, enigmatic Reuben Swift really who he says he is?

A funny, observational comedy on the pitfalls of office life [that] takes a darker turn.’ Sunday Express

Under the Channel by Gilles Pétel

It starts with a murder midway through the Channel Tunnel, but this tale of changing identities is no ordinary crime novel.

When the body of a Scotsman turns up on board a Channel Tunnel train at the Gare du Nord, Parisian detective Roland Desfeuillères finds himself in charge of a murder investigation. Roland decides to travel to London – and not just in order to progress the inquiry. It’s also a chance to escape his troubled marriage.

Arriving in a city gripped by the financial crisis, Roland immerses himself in the victim’s hedonistic lifestyle, as he searches for the motive behind the crime. But the longer he walks in the dead man’s shoes, the more Roland discovers about himself . . .

‘Contemplative, quirky, and more than a little different.’ The Crime Novel Reader

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