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Gallic Eats

Author Muriel Barbery, Fiona Kidman, Jocelyne Rapinac & Jean Teulé

£34.86 £24.40

Food glorious food!  Tasty treats with a bite taken out – yours at 30% off the RRP!

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Food glorious food!

Tasty treats with a bite taken out – yours at 30% off the RRP!


The Gourmet by Muriel Barbery

A voluptuous and poignant meditation on food and its deeper significance in our lives.

France’s greatest food critic is dying, after a lifetime in single-minded pursuit of sensual delights. But as Pierre Arthens lies on his deathbed he is tormented by an inability to recall the most delicious food ever to pass his lips, which he ate long before becoming a critic.  Desperate to taste it one more time, he looks back over the years to see if he can pin down the elusive dish. Revealing far more than his love of great food, the narration by this larger-than-life individual alternates with the voices of those closest to him and their own experiences of the man.

‘Barbery has a knack for describing food, and for evoking the physical and emotional sensations it produces’ Financial Times

Freedom Fries and Café Creme by Jocelyne Rapinac

Lucas sits in a Boston coffee shop, longing for a proper cup of French café … Juliette returns to Burgundy and the love she turned her back on … In Manhattan, live-in chef Armand is content with his life. And yet …

This delicious story collection brings together a cast of characters from both sides of the Atlantic. All of them share a genuine delight in good food, and each of their stories captures a moment when love is found, lost – or rejected. Perceptive, touching, and witty, Jocelyne Rapinac’s tales prove beyond doubt that eating well and love can both bring great joy to life.

‘Part short story collection and part recipe book, Jocelyne Rapinac delivers an innovative debut.’ New Books

Songs from the Violet Café by Fiona Kidman

A powerful story of women’s lives spanning decades and continents.

New Zealand, 1943. Violet Trench crosses Lake Rotorua with a small boy, Wing Lee, but rows back alone.

Twenty years later, the same body of water is the scene of an event that will have lasting repercussions for Violet and her employees at the cafe she runs now on the lake shore. The lives of these young people will diverge, their paths to independence taking them as far apart as Cambodia and the USA, but Violet’s influence will continue to mark both those who leave and those who stay behind.

‘Readers are in good hands; like all Kidman’s writing, it is engaging and captivating.’ The Lady Magazine

The Poisoning Angel by Jean Teulé

Those who taste the the soups and cakes of the beautiful Hélène never recover.

Jean Teulé brings his unique blend of imagination and historical insight to a novel that is both an upbeat portrait of nineteenth-century provincial French life and a startling chronicle of a decades-long killing spree carried out by the most notorious female poisoner in history.

‘There is much gallows humour, and a nice balance between the relentless killing and the humour. Tightly-written, fast-paced and a good read.’ We Love This Book


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