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3rd May 2012


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11th February 2014



Freedom Fries and Café Creme



Transatlantic tales of food and love … with recipes.

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Transatlantic tales of food and love … with recipes.

Lucas sits in a Boston coffee shop, longing for a proper cup of French café … Juliette returns to Burgundy and the love she turned her back on … In Manhattan, live-in chef Armand is content with his life. And yet …

This delicious story collection brings together a cast of characters from both sides of the Atlantic. All of them share a genuine delight in good food, and each of their stories captures a moment when love is found, lost – or rejected. Perceptive, touching, and witty, Jocelyne Rapinac’s tales prove beyond doubt that eating well and love can both bring great joy to life.

And for those readers whose mouths start to water as they read, the author has included recipes for many of the dishes mentioned.

Bon appétit!

‘Part short story collection and part recipe book, Jocelyne Rapinac delivers an innovative debut. Essentially, the book comprises of twelve short stories, one for each month of the year, that are connected by a focus on food and love, with accompanying recipes for dishes mentioned in each chapter; something like a culinary soundtrack to the book. The stories themselves deal with love in all its forms but arguably the collection is more a love letter to food … [Rapinac’s stories] deal with larger issues such as globalisation, human connection and obesity that make them fables for modern life.’ New Books
‘How often have you read a book where a meal or a dish is so exquisitely described you think how nice it would be to give that a try? I’ll definitely be trying some of these, so many of them seem to be easy to follow, simple but delicious too.’ French Village Diaries
‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading this great, feel-good novel; filled with cooking and eating delicious, beautifully prepared food; sad love break-ups and joyful make-ups. All the ingredients I could wish for.’ Anne Rampton, Reviewer
‘This wonderful and diverse collection of stories on people and food from around the globe show how food can influence and educate. Your heart will sing and your mouth will dance with joy at this book of yummy pleasure.’ Julie Knowles, Waterstones Lancaster
Bonus Material
Christmas Cake recipes!
Download some recipes from Freedom Fries here
Watch five recipe videos here
Jocelyne Rapinac

Meet the author

Jocelyne Rapinac is a modern languages teacher in London. Born in France, she has lived in the US, Switzerland and the UK with her husband James. Freedom Fries and Café Crème, transatlantic tales of food and love (with recipes), is her first novel. Jocelyne Rapinac: An Interview Watch videos of five…

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