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1st October 2009


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Peter Hicks


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20th December 2013



Clisson and Eugenie

(Clisson et Eugénie)


‘Their eyes met … and they soon knew that their hearts were made for each other.’

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‘Their eyes met … and they soon knew that their hearts were made for each other’

Triumphant on the field of battle, Clisson turns his back on worldly success. He falls in love and marries Eugénie, but how long will their love survive?

The tragic story of Clisson and Eugénie reveals one of history’s great leaders to also be an accomplished writer of fiction.

Written in an eloquently Romantic style true to its period, the story offers the reader a fascinating insight into how the young Napoleon viewed love, women and military life.

‘Combining some of Napoleon’s favourite themes – war, love, suicide – the story has been pieced together from fragments of manuscript to provide a glimpse of what lay beneath the bicorn’ The Guardian
‘Those who admire already the terse but incisive prose of the Emperor Napoleon I’s Grande Armée bulletins will find much to savour in this early romantic novel, Clisson et Eugénie, now translated by Dr Peter Hicks and Emilie Barthet of the Fondation Napoléon in Paris. Although the text is brief, there is a wit and power about the writing and the characterisation that makes the reader regret that Napoleon Bonaparte did not write more fiction. But the publication of Clisson and Eugénie is in itself something of a sensation … After careful literary detective work, the current editors are the first to publish the novel as a whole, uniting all the sections and including the first page, which Hicks identified recently at auction’ Flora Fraser, The Times
‘Gives an interesting angle on a man whose life and actions have inspired over 50,000 books by others’ Alex in Leeds
Napoléon Bonaparte

Meet the author

A French general, First Consul of the French Republic (1799-1804), President of the Italian Republic (1802-1805), Mediator of the Swiss Confederation (1803-1813), Emperor of the French (1804-1814, 1815), King of Italy (1805-1814), Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine (1806-1813) and a talente…

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