Miguel Bonnefoy on Octavio’s Journey’, Venezuela and Re-reading


Describe your book in one sentence
It’s the story of a man travelling through a country, and of that country travelling through him.
 Why did you write this book?
To contribute to the cultural heritage of Venezuela, a country the world doesn’t know well enough, and give a voice to the people I come from.
 Where do you find inspiration?
I take inspiration from my surroundings, what I’m reading, watching or listening to. We are what we consume. It’s about letting yourself be amazed by what the rest of the world considers ordinary.
Have you always written?
Yes. I’m unfortunate enough not to know how to do anything else.
 Which writers do you admire?
Carlo Levi, Marcel Aymé, Romulo Gallegos, Kamel Daoud and Jorge Luis Borges.
 What are you doing when you’re not writing?
Thinking about writing.
 The super power you wish you had
I’d like to be able to learn everything about a person just by touching their skin. Maybe that’s why I enjoy spending so much time with fictional characters.
Describe your writing routine
During the afternoon, I make notes in my Moleskine notebook on the scene I need to work on the next day. If that scene involves a battle at sea, I’ll read books on privateers, maritime vocabulary and warships. The next morning, I get all my notes together and write them up on the computer to begin a first draft of the scene.
What are you currently reading?
The Hatred of Music by Pascal Quignard
Name the book you’ve re-read the most
Perfume by Patrick Suskind
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