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The Modern Classic Subscription showcases the ever-growing wealth of truly brilliant books – rediscovered stories, forgotten authors and hallmark masterpieces from all over the world.  It is a subscription that celebrates longevity, talent, nostalgia and what made the 20th century world of books tick.

Definitions of what a modern classic is, however, are loose.  So, for the purposes of this subscription a modern classic is defined as:

  • a reissued title, originally published in the 20th century
  • branded by the publisher as a modern classic, or variant thereof.

Selection will be made from within a two-month window of publication, from (but not limited to) the following imprints:

  • Penguin Modern Classics
  • Vintage Classics
  • Alma Classics
  • Canongate Canons
  • Serpent’s Tail Classics
  • Apollo Classics
  • Picador Classics
  • Pan Heritage Classics
  • British Library Classics
  • Faber Modern Classics
  • Pushkin Collection
  • Virago Modern Classics
  • Harper Voyager
  • Atlantic Cult Classics
  • Pretty much any publisher imprint suffixed with Classic

Activating your subscription

Modern Classics do not come in that many different shapes and sizes – they will nearly always be paperback, and page count aside, their physical dimensions will not vary much; their contents, however, will.

This is a mixed subscription, with scope for fiction and nonfiction, novels, novellas, anthologies and essays. We do not, however, just want to send you anything, so to ensure your subscription is satisfying, some of idea of what you would like to read is helpful.  When it comes to reading, tastes do vary; a book that pleases everybody must be a dull book indeed, and we would be loath to send out dull books.

So we have an online reading profile.  Detailed completion of the profile is not mandatory, although some elements are – a few (but not many) come with asterisks; these are the questions from which there is no escape.

To activate your subscription you will need to supply us with the delivery address.  To make things simpler, we have combined all queries on the one form below.  Do please take the time to consider the profile – your answers will be much appreciated.  If completing it, do please be as honest as you feel is necessary.  But, as we have said already, other than the address, the rest of the form is not mandatory, and, if you are willing, there is an option for us to surprise you…

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