The Belgravia Books Subscription

The Belgravia Books Subscription: books, chosen by us, sent to someone special (perhaps yourself) every month.

There are two primary subscriptions on offer: one for fiction, one for nonfiction.

Within those you can choose paperbacks or hardbacks, and whether you want the subscription to last six months or a whole year.

Our third subscription is for Modern Classics.  This one is not format restricted but does have options for six or 12 months.

With each subscription comes a reading profile; it is a good idea we should know what a reader does – and does not – like before we start sending out books.  The reading profile is online and will be issued with the subscription.  The subscription will commence as soon as the reading profile has been completed.

Chances are, if you are buying a subscription you may well be buying it for somebody else (although there is nothing whatsoever wrong with treating yourself).  That being the case, we do need to take some details about the recipient, so please do take the time to supply those before completing your purchase.

To learn more about each subscription, and to make your purchase, just hit the buttons below!

Fiction Subscription Nonfiction Subscription Modern Classic Subscription

See Subscription Terms & Conditions

Our subscriptions are a bespoke service that, we hope, will supply a wealth of enjoyable reading for their duration.  However, as with everything in life, they come with small print.  And this is it.

The Purchaser

The Purchaser has paid for the subscription

The Subscriber

The Subscriber is the recipient of the subscription.  This is not necessarily The Purchaser.

Subscription activation

Your subscription is activated as soon as The Subscriber has confirmed their address.  This is the address to which your books will be sent.  Confirmation of the address is part of the Reading Profile.

Change of Address

If, during the subscription, The Subscriber needs to revise contact details, send through an email to the shop and we will confirm alternative delivery arrangements.

Return of items

While we endeavour to ensure you are satisfied with the titles we have chosen for The Subscriber, subscription titles are subject to existing return conditions.

If for any reason The Subscriber is unsatisfied with the choice, supplied titles can be returned with the Return Period, which is 30 days from dispatch notification, and an exchange arranged.

Requests for return must be made in writing within that 30 day period.  Products are returned to the shop at The Subscriber’s cost.

Any item received damaged can be returned if the physical condition of the item is unsatisfactory.  Damages do not include manufacturing or production defects.  Any claim for a damaged item must be made in writing within 10 days of dispatch notification.  Such claims must include details of the damage to the item.

If a product is suffering from a manufacturing or production defect it can be returned as per the usual return procedures.  Such defects are not subject to the Return Period.  A request for return must be made in writing, with the nature of the defect stated.  Upon return of the product we will examine it and arrange for a replacement.

If you have any further questions about your subscription, please do not hesitate to contact the shop.

Preview Reading Profiles

Reading profiles will be directly issued to subscription recipients when purchase is made.  Curiosity, however, can be served by clicking through the links here.

Fiction Reading Profile

Nonfiction Reading Profile

Modern Classic Reading Profile

See Subscription FAQs

The subscription service is relatively new and as such there are no frequently asked questions.

As soon as we have some, and they have all been verified as originating from identifiably different sources, we will post them here.  And better yet, we will include answers.

In the meantime, you may have a question.  In which case, please use this here form:

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