About Belgravia Books

Belgravia Books is a publisher owned independent bookshop that first opened its doors on Ebury Street in September 2011.

Whilst we were fully stocking shelves we were also hammering at keyboards to create stock records for a fully transactional website for those not quite able to make it to Belgravia.  From a purely statistical perspective, Belgravia being one small part of one very big city, most people will fall into that group.

The problem was (and to some extent still is) we are not an omnipresent multinational behemoth.  We are not at the forefront of people’s minds as they sit before a screen to purchase a book online.  We are, and always will be, an independent bookshop.  Whilst also being an independent publisher.  And attempting to be an independent online retailer.

We wanted experience online to be as close as possible to their experience when they visit our shop.  When visitors walk through our door they are greeted by a handpicked range of books which they may not have known they wanted – simply because they did not know such books existed.  A bookshop is the best and only place to find a book you did not know you were looking for, and we wanted a website that did the same thing.

And this, hopefully, is it.  A real bookshop.  But online.

You will find different ways of browsing.  And browsing is encouraged – the search box works (put in anything!) but you will not discover something different unless you look for it.  You can browse every title in the catalogue, focus on categories, raid our recommended reading, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous have a look at just how far we are prepared to take taxonomy with some more curated collections.

Books on the site reflect the books we keep in the shop.  But with over four thousand titles in the shop at any one time, and hundreds more coming in (and leaving) each week, we specially select our online offer.  This could mean you might not find something you are looking for.  That does not mean we cannot get it for you; if in need of further assistance just fill out this here form and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

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