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14th November 2017



The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992

Author Tina Brown


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The sizzling diaries of Tina Brown’s eight spectacular years as editor in chief of ‘Vanity Fair’ paint a riveting portrait of the flash, dash and follies of the eighties in New York and Hollywood.’

‘The Vanity Fair Diaries’ is the story of an Englishwoman barely out of her twenties who arrives in Manhattan on a mission. Summoned from London in hopes that she can save Conde Nast’s troubled new flagship ‘Vanity Fair’, Tina Brown is immediately plunged into the maelstrom of the competitive New York media world and the backstabbing rivalries at the court of the planet’s slickest, most glamour-focused magazine company. She survives the politics, the intrigue and the attempts to derail her by a simple stratagem: succeeding. In the face of rampant scepticism, she triumphantly reinvents a failing magazine.

Here are the inside stories of ‘Vanity Fair’ scoops and covers that sold millions: the Reagan kiss, the meltdown of Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles, the sensational Annie Leibovitz cover of a gloriously pregnant, naked Demi Moore. In the diary’s cinematic pages, the drama, comedy and struggle of running an ‘it’ magazine come to life. Brown’s Vanity Fair Diaries is also a woman’s journey, of making a home in a new country and of the deep bonds with her husband, their prematurely born son and their daughter.Astute, open-hearted, often riotously funny, Tina Brown’s ‘The Vanity Fair Diaries’ is a compulsively fascinating and intimate chronicle of a woman’s life in a glittering era.

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