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10th July 2017


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11th July 2017




The Threat Level Remains Severe

Author Rowena Macdonald


This title is not yet published


A new colleague and a mysterious admirer make life infinitely more interesting for House of Commons secretary Grace, but is everything really as it seems?

Grace Ambrose, Brett Beamish and Reuben Swift appear to have little in common, but as each of them negotiates metropolitan life, they find their fates entwined.

Arty, liberal-minded House of Commons secretary Grace has been counting the tea breaks in the same dull job for approaching a decade and feels she could do something better … if only she knew what.

New recruit Brett, a smooth, high-flying Australian, is on a mission to shake up the dusty backrooms of power – and on a collision path with Grace. Office life begins to look up when Grace receives an email from an admirer with musical and poetic talents … but is soulful, enigmatic Reuben Swift really who he says he is?

The Threat Level Remains Severe, shining a sly light into the mundane backrooms and office romances of the corridors of power, is a stylish, bleakly funny and sad, acutely observed contemporary drama.’ Shena Mackay, author of The Orchard on Fire
Praise for Rowena Macdonald
‘Surely one of the most insightful, honest and reassuringly humane tales of the true workings of the Mother of Parliaments in all its shabby, slapdash and vainglorious reality’ Robert Edric
‘Confident, funny and poignant. Macdonald’s world draws the reader in irresistibly’ Jane Rogers
‘Deliciously erotic and hugely readable, with some wonderful moments of illumination’ Maureen Freely
Rowena Macdonald

Meet the author

Rowena Macdonald was born on the Isle of Wight, grew up in the West Midlands and now lives in East London. Her debut collection, Smoked Meat, was short-listed for the 2012 Edge Hill Prize. Her short stories have won various prizes and been published by Galley Beggar Press, Influx Press, Ambit, Untha…

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