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Salt Creek

Author Lucy Treloar


A story of love, duty, hardship and intolerance told by a strong woman in 1850s colonial Australia.


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The multi-award-winning debut historical novel – Walter Scott and Miles Franklin-shortlisted

A story of love, duty, hardship and intolerance told by a strong woman in 1850s colonial Australia.

A part of me will always live at Salt Creek though it is on the far side of the world…

Hester Finch’s comfortable life in Chichester, England, could not be further from the hardship her family endured on leaving Adelaide for Salt Creek in 1855. Yet she finds her thoughts drawn to that beautiful, inhospitable outcrop of South Australia and the connections she and her siblings forged there: encounters with passing travellers and the local indigenous people – in particular a boy, Tully, whom Hester’s father seeks to educate almost as his own son – would change the fates of the Finches, and of the area’s first people, for ever.


‘This is another brilliant and absorbing addition to the recent crop of exceptionally fine historical novels exploring the Australian pioneer experience and is very highly recommended.’ Historical Novels Review Magazine
‘Hester Finch is a wonderful character – the brave heart of this haunting, absorbing story’ Kirsty Wark
‘Refigures the historical novel … Salt Creek introduces a capacious new talent’ The Australian
‘Written with a profound respect for history: with an understanding that beyond a certain point, the past and its people are unknowable.’ Sydney Morning Herald
‘[A] deeply moving story about love and rejection as much as it is about the impact of European settlement and the destruction of Indigenous culture.’ Sunday Age
‘A haunting story, beautifully written and quietly subversive.  It’s a spectacular debut.’ ANZ Lit Lovers
Salt Creek is a novel alive with character, history and poetry, leading us with careful understatement into the unfamiliar world of the Coorong region of Southern Australia.’ Walter Scott Prize Jury
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Salt Creek Reading Guide
Q&A with Lucy Treloar
Lucy Treloar

Meet the author

Lucy Treloar was born in Malaysia and educated in Australia, England and Sweden, and worked for several years in Cambodia. Awards for her writing include the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize (Pacific Region). Salt Creek is her first novel. Lucy lives in Melbourne with her husband, four children a…

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