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Bird in a Cage

Very early in the discussion I was having with someone who had also read this book, it was declared that it would make for a very good stage production.  I would like to think it w…

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John Hersey’s long form essay first appeared in a 1946 edition of The New Yorker, one year after the atomic bomb was dropped; it was the first time in the magazine’s history an edi…

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How We Got to Now

How We Got to Now has the distinct look of personality-driven nonfiction.  There is a lot of it about – wilfully defying genres and unable to find a permanent home in a bookshop, s…

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The Children’s Home

The Children’s Home begins with the reclusive Morgan Fletcher isolated from, and oblivious to, the world beyond the gates of his sprawling estate, his only company his housekeeper…

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Ask the Dust

Reading Ask the Dust reminded me an awful lot of Charles Bukowski.  To be fair his name was all over my copy of it – a cover quote, an introduction and attending namechecks on the…

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The Age of Innocence

I do not make a habit of re-reading.  Maybe one book a year is a re-read, and for the last six years that has mostly been Cold Comfort Farm.  There is something to be said for a bo…

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The End of Vandalism

A copy of The End of Vandalism was put in my hands at the start of this year, and with it was the urge that I should read it. I am being urged to read books all the time.  Working…

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The Purple Cloud

Adam Jeffson is stranded at the North Pole after a [literally] murderous trek to become the first to reach it.  During his arduous return journey it becomes apparent that something…

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The Hollow Crown

Prepare to be shocked: I have not read Wolf Hall.  Nor have I read the one that came after that.  Nor have I any intention of reading Wolf Hall, nor the one that came after, and I…

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