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A sign of our contemporary world is the endless need to develop and build. And as the need for housing increases it is easy to forget that sometimes nature pays a very high price f…

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The Descent of Man

Fortunately for me I am one adjective short of what Grayson Perry pejoratively terms ‘Default Man’: a white, middle-class, heterosexual male. Default Man is ‘the reference point fr…

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Bird in a Cage

Very early in the discussion I was having with someone who had also read this book, it was declared that it would make for a very good stage production.  I would like to think it w…

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Tony & Susan

If you were not already aware, Tom Ford’s upcoming film Nocturnal Animals is based on the 1993 novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. If you have never heard of Austin Wright but k…

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John Hersey’s long form essay first appeared in a 1946 edition of The New Yorker, one year after the atomic bomb was dropped; it was the first time in the magazine’s history an edi…

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Ai Weiwei Speaks

This new updated edition of Ai Weiwei Speaks is, in a way, to be expected of the garrulous Hans Ulrich Obrist, famous for the ‘interview marathons’ he hosts, and frequently revisit…

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How We Got to Now

How We Got to Now has the distinct look of personality-driven nonfiction.  There is a lot of it about – wilfully defying genres and unable to find a permanent home in a bookshop, s…

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Dreams from My Father

I am halfway through the BBC’s four-part documentary tracking Obama’s tenure in the White House. I recommend it if you haven’t tuned in yet. It is surprisingly candid – I didn’t kn…

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