John Hersey’s long form essay first appeared in a 1946 edition of The New Yorker, one year after the atomic bomb was dropped; it was the first time in the magazine’s history an edi…

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Ai Weiwei Speaks

This new updated edition of Ai Weiwei Speaks is, in a way, to be expected of the garrulous Hans Ulrich Obrist, famous for the ‘interview marathons’ he hosts, and frequently revisit…

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How We Got to Now

How We Got to Now has the distinct look of personality-driven nonfiction.  There is a lot of it about – wilfully defying genres and unable to find a permanent home in a bookshop, s…

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Dreams from My Father

I am halfway through the BBC’s four-part documentary tracking Obama’s tenure in the White House. I recommend it if you haven’t tuned in yet. It is surprisingly candid – I didn’t kn…

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